Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Brides and Weddings!!!!

Thanks to all the brides who are coming by to choose their gowns. It really makes me feel like I've done my job when someone says they "had fun" choosing their wedding gown. It should be fun!!! You should not feel pressured into buying something you really don't like! If you don't think a gown looks great, someone telling you that it's the most wonderful/beautiful/gorgeous gown ever really doesn't change the fact that you, the bride, don't like it! A bridal consultant should be able to tell you what looks good and why or what doesn't look good--and why.

Lots of Christmas engagements and probably there will be more on New Years Eve. Then the planning begins. After 15 or 20 years of marriage, you will look back at your wedding pictures and hopefully have wonderful memories of that special day. At that point, you will probably not remember how the reception food or wedding cake tasted. Other than pictures, you really won't remember how the church decor looked nor all the details fo the flowers. You will, however, look at those pictures and think "yes! I looked fantastic in my gown!!" or "how in the world did I ever let myself be talked into that gown?" Choose wisely and choose someone who will give you an honest and helpful opinion.

And the pictures! hopefully you will have pictures. Good ones! This is not a job for your friend who just received a camera as a Christmas gift. It is not a job for Aunt Sally or someone who works with Dad--unless of course those people happen to be professionals.

Check with professional vendors about the cost of various aspects of the wedding: venue, linens, flowers, cake, photography, music, tuxes, gowns, accessories, invitations and more. At least get an idea of the cost involved. If your favorite vendor quotes a price that's more than you can afford, ask if there are options that might lower the cost. But be sure you are comparing apples to apples and oranges to oranges.

Happy planning!!

Prom and Pageant 2010--More Looks!

More great looks for Prom 2010!!

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Prom and Pageant

Just to let everyone know, prom and pageant gowns are beginning to arrive and WOW! there are some gorgeous things available. Just received a shipment of Johnathan Kayne pageant gowns and they are drop-dead beautiful. Also have some great pageant gowns from Landa Signature Collection and lots and lots of prom gowns from WOW!, Lafee, Landa and more.

Lafee Prom is making a scholarship available to some lucky girl!!! Lafee Prom is available in the Tricities area exclusively at Tricia's by Design!!!
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So You Got An Engagement Ring For Christmas!!!!!

Well, here we are--almost at the end of 2009!!! We've almost finished a decade of the 21st century!!! WOW!! And as we begin the second decade of the the 21st century, I'm sure many of you are making plans to spend this decade and many more with a new spouse! Soooo. . . . let's talk about weddings! and wedding gowns! and bridesmaids dresses! and mothers' dresses! and more.

New trends in bridal? Bridal gowns with insets of color and bold colors intermingled are on their way out. Lace and vintage-look gowns and those that are very classic in styling are setting the standards now. Strapless is still a great look and will continue to be popular, but many brides are looking for straps or bolero jackets to add more emphasis to the shoulders. One-shoulder gown or gowns with assymetrical accents are very strong for the upcoming season.

For the bridesmaids? Tea-length, knee-length or floor-length are all popular depending on the time of day, season, etc. Colors run the gamut with some strong greens, teals, and blue--from baby blue, to aqua blue, to turquoise and carribbean blue. Soft, flowing chiffons are very popular and taffetas are making a comeback!

For mothers? anything that doesn't make them look like the grandmother-of-the-bride! All mothers want to look their best and we help them do that. Again, chiffons, laces and taffetas are all standout fabric choices for mothers-of-the-bride. And we have all that and more!
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