Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bargain Bridal Gowns

When is a bargain not a bargain? When there are so many hidden strings attached it becomes ridiculous.

A week or so ago, a bride-to-be came to see me about an informal wedding gown. She had already shopped at a "Big Box" department-store type bridal place. The gown she had tried was a very simple gown with a $299 price tag. Great price--right? Well, she wanted a colored sash to accent the gown. Add $59.99. The gown was so poorly constructed, it required a bustier to support the bustline. Add $45 to $50. The flimsy netting built into the gown didn't give the fullness needed, so she would have to buy a separate crinoline. Add another $60-$65. THEN came the alterations. $219.00. Remember, the gown was a great price; but when you added all the necessary extras (not including a tiara, veil, shoes, jewelry, etc.) the total came to OVER $750.00 with sales tax. Does this sound like a bargain???

Comfort is not the first criteria for choosing a wedding gown. Style, construction, color and cut are the important things to consider. If a gown is poorly made from inferior fabric or is poorly constructed, nothing can really change that. Check the construction of the gown from the inside. Well-made gowns often have 12 to 15 pieces of "boning" (that stiff stuff that is strategically sewn into the seam lines and other places for support and shape) in the bodice. A good quality gown with excellent construction techniques will not require lots of extra undergarments and will, therefore, offer more comfort to the wearer.

The bridal gowns we carry are extremely well made with beautiful laces and embellishments over high quality fabrics. Give us a call at 276-995-2245 or email to schedule an appointment to try on "your perfect gown"!!! Hope to see you at the TriCities Dream Weddings bridal show at the Carnegie Hotel in Johnson City on Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010. Check for more information and other choice wedding vendors.

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