Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Long-Distance Design Project

In early August, 2010, I received an inquiry from my website regarding a custom bridal gown; the contact number was a "615" area code, so I assumed middle Tennessee for the bride's location.  Imagine my surprise when I called and found out Caley Cheney was residing in Glasgow, Scotland! 

We chatted for a few minutes and I explained the design process, instructed her to send a few pictures of gowns she liked so I could get an idea of her style.  After looking over a few pictures, I began sketching, scanning and emailing designs to Caley.  She would email with desired changes; I would re-sketch, scan and email again.  After a few days, we had the design finalized.  She made a trip to a seamstress in Scotland for measurements, sent them to me and the construction began on the gown. 

Two weeks before her wedding, she came in for a first fitting on her wedding gown and we had our first face-to-face meeting!  Caley is a beautiful lady with long brown hair and gorgeous eyes!  Her personality is best described as "exuberant".  I am attaching a few pictures which were graciously sent by Caley's photographer and long-time friend, Maria Clark.  The pictures are beautiful; the wedding location was near Dandridge, TN.  Maria's photography captures the beauty of the area and the joy and unique style of the bride and groom.  Caley's new husband, Stephen, is Scottish; the couple will soon return to Scotland.

Thank you, Caley, for making my job more interesting!!! 


  1. That gown is beautiful!!! You did an amazing job, as always :)

  2. What an honor for you to be chosen! This gown is elegant and unique to the bride, which makes it very special for her. You are so talented, Tricia! Vera Wang could not have done better!