Friday, July 30, 2010

Meagan Boyd-Hicks

It was my distinct honor to have been chosen by Meagan Boyd Hicks as her wedding gown/bridesmaids dresses/tux provider.  I first met Meagan when she was probably a sophomore or junior in high school; and here she is graduating from college and getting married to a fine young man!!  How time flies.  This is just one picture of Meagan from her pre-bridal photoshoot and it is a stunning shot!  Photography by Terry's Studio, Coeburn, VA.

This is Meagan's sweet and flattering review of the time spent planning her wedding ensemble:
"Throughout the years I have purchased many prom & pageant gowns from Tricia's. The first time I met her I immediately liked her as a person and I respected her honesty. She and I have spent numerous hours in conversation. Because of the relationship we established, I was determined to purchase my wedding gown from her. I visited her shop a few times before I found "the dress". The rest of the wedding process fell into place. However, with anyone but Tricia, this process would have been much more difficult. In my particular experience, there were a few obstacles that Tricia refused to let alter my wedding day. She had a solution to everything; it's almost like she was my very own bridal assistant. I am so glad she was a part of my wedding; because there is no one else that is as reliable, as personable, and as talented when making sure your special day is how you dreamed it."

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